A Touch Of Joy

JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet cats are designed to bring comfort, companionship and fun for your elder loved ones. With realistic fur, purrs and meows - and sensors that respond to petting and hugs with familiar, cat-like actions - Companion Pets deliver a soothing, joyful experience that inspires smiles, laughter and fond memories for people of all ages.

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Real People, Real Situations. The participants in this video received a free Companion Pet but were not paid for their participation.

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What Are People Saying?

When [my mom] started petting that cat, [she] said that it felt like love. That just touched my heart, because she's so full of love, and it's nice that she can have some in her life. - Phyllis F.

I would recommend this kitty to anyone... This kitty is comfort in many ways. There's no age limit for it. - Patricia D.

...so for some time now, when the grandchildren have come, their interaction with my husband is very quick, very cursory, and they don't know what to say. It's "Hi, how are you?" They're gone. And then, with this, they came and sat down and they talked and they had something to talk about. Something happy. And again, it takes that pressure off. And then to have him respond in a positive way, that even makes it go a little further. - Anna S.

These testimonials are from consumers who received a free Companion Pet but were not paid for their participation.